Gansey Inspired knitwear

Those of you who have been to one of my talks and workshops on the Gansey over the years will know my passion for the history and design in these amazing garments. I spent my first few years in a village near Filey in Yorkshire, with a huge history of Gansey knitting. My father worked at times alongside the Fisher men of the town, going out in their boats to replace the gas cannisters which fired up the light buoys which kept boats safe from the Brig and the rocks around the coast. He also bought fish from them! He had many stories about the fishing and the community which I loved listening to. My mum and dad also ran for a time the first mobile Fish and Chips van in the area. I tremble when I think of them weaving their way through the tiny villages with mum frying up fish, which dad would have collected that morning, and all that hot oil!!! My dad made the best  Fish and Chips in the world, even in his seventies!


Here are some Gansey inspired patterns and do check out the blog where I will be sharing some ideas and stories that are Gansey related!

For this wonderful pattern featured in the video, follow this link and create your very own Moray Star Gansey Jumper using our pattern for just £6.00