Seol Gansey Tunic : Pattern

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This is for a pdf formatted pattern of the Seol Gansey Tunic

This design incorporates a reference to Argyle with the diamond form, framing each of the Gansey patterns giving an elegant shape and abstraction to the whole.  With church windows, trees of life and full diamonds signifying commitment in marriage.  And of life living with the sea as a heart of community.  Interesting needle changes throughout creating flow into the lace sections.  Like delicate sails. 

“Below the cliff, space, and at the foot,
The knitted waves, they lash the edge of the earth.
I watch and find I ache to feel their texture…”
from ‘the point’, by Brian Johnstone


DiGilpin Lalland 100% Scottish lambswool 50gr/ball

Size No.of balls
Small 8
Medium 9
Large 10



Small 1 pair needles, 3.75mm (US 9)
Medium 1 pair needles, 4mm (US 8)
Large 1 pair needles, 4.5mm (US 7)  

 Finished Measurements across chest

Size Measurements
Small 36in (92cm)
Medium 39in (99cm)
Large 42in (106cm)