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Posted by Di Gilpin on


Thrilled with the great short film about our company! A chance to see inside my design room and the knitting studio in Largo, Scotland. 

Thanks to Business Gateway who commissioned the film and STV Creative for making it.

It shows the slow (largo) way in which a design is made from the sampling, to note taking, chart drawing, knitting, finishing and then sending out! Thanks to Sheila Greenwell, our brilliant technical person and Stephanie Laird, our graduate, who joined us this year to interpret some of our hand knit designs into machine knit for the Largo diffusion range.

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  • I just Liked you Ana! I’m recuperating from a sereve bout of arthritis in my hands, but once they’re feeling better I’m taking up my latest knitting project once again. Knitting is good for the soul. wishing you and yours a joyful holiday season, and a healthful new year. peace to you Ana.

    Cynthia on

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