Gruainne Frock Coat : Pattern

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This is for a pdf formatted pattern of the Gruainne Jacket.

Inspired by the Irish Pirate Queen, Grace O'Malley, who famously held detente with Queen Elizabeth 1st, sailing up the river Thames with her Fleet to meet and form an alliance. It was reported at the time that she was wearing a rather ragged green cloak...I felt it was time to give her a sartorial makeover for the visit! Fabulous patterning, dropped stitch cables, herringbone, Zig Zag travelling lace and linen stitch...knitted in one piece, with pockets. This can be knitted in a single colour, or by choosing 2 colours, half quantities of each, a tweed effect...e.g silver birch and agate, coral and jasper...see photos.....
A real treat to knit.


Yarn - Lalland, Di Gilpin 100% Scottish lambswool, 2 balls knitted together to create an Aran weight:

Size No. of balls
Small: (30-32ins) 50gr/ball:  17 balls.
Medium: (38-40ins) 50gr/ball:  20 balls.
Large: (46-48ins) 50gr/ball: 23 balls.


1 pair 6mm, 1 pair 6.5mm and one long circular 6.5mm.


Length Width at bottom back Actual chest measurement.
Small: 38.5ins 20.2ins 32ins  
Medium: 38.5ins 25.5ins 41-42ins
Large: 38.5ins 32.2ins 50ins