Di Gilpin

My knitwear design studio has its origins in a semi-ruined croft on the Isle of Skye. I had settled there in 1983 with little more than a rucksack containing a tent, wool and knitting needles. 

From those early beginnings, I have developed an international fashion brand, working with leading designers including Graeme Black, Erdos 1436, Hancock VA, Mark Fast, Topshop Unique, Cabbages & Roses, Sophia Kokosolaki and Nike.  Read more about our Collaborations

Now based in a village near St Andrews, in Fife, my studio is a restored stone bothy. Its walls are lined with shelves of cashmere, cotton and linen threads, baskets of Scottish lambswool and rails of exquisitely knitted garments.

With Production Manager Sheila Greenwell, we have recruited 90 highly-skilled home-knitters based across Scotland. There is a core specialist team, who live within a 15-mile radius, to create the one-off pieces and special commissions desired by private clients, fashion designers and the catwalk.

A single Di Gilpin garment could take us as long as two months to create, hand-knitted in the finest Scottish yarn, inspired by our rich cultural heritage and provenance, making it among the most intricate and show-stopping pieces of couture available anywhere in the world. 



Our Philosophy

To create original and intensely beautiful pieces of hand knit which not only protect us and tell a story, but transport us in the wearing, into a dream time inspired by the ever-changing land and seascapes of Scotland. To have the wearer feel the spirit of the wild free mountains, and islands, wherever they may be.

Creating couture crafted pieces reflect the knowledge and tradition of Scottish hand knitting in a contemporary way using the finest cashmere and wool that Scotland can produce. Continue our dedication to the authenticity of yarn, making and design; all of the one place.


The Making 

We are dedicated to making with only the finest wools and Scottish Cashmere. Each piece is made by a small team of creative and skilled knitters in Scotland under the direction of Sheila Greenwell.  Teaching and development of skills and education are at the heart of the company. We make, design and produce in Scotland.


Di GIlpin Ltd has developed a wonderful collection of accessories and garments and is now working on 2014/15 collection for sale on the website and through selected companies in Europe and Japan.