The Knitted Fabric by Dee Hardwicke

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The Knitted Fabric: Colourwork Projects For You And Your Home

Dee Hardwicke

Dee's Garden City section of The Knitted Fabric contains patterns which utilise Di Gilpin Lalland.  Garden City is inspired by the creativity, ingenuity and craftsmanship embodied in the Arts & Crafts movement.  The patterns include; 

Garden City Patchwork Quilt
Garden City Patchwork Cushion
Garden City Seedhead Patchwork Cushion
Garden City Geo Cushion
Garden City Colourwork Wrap

Brimming with artistic inspiration and filled with patterns for gorgeous knitwear and joyful pieces for the home, this creative and original book invites you to step inside Dee Hardwicke's world. Illustrated throughout with beautiful watercolours and painterly photography, The Knitted Fabric brings the pages of Dee's sketchbooks to life. As Dee explains, “I find the process of knitting very similar to painting, with each stitch being a brushstroke of colour. As stitches loop together, they create a knitted fabric, a kind of narrative of art, making and the people and landscapes that inspire me”. Just like the designs within it, this unique book is something to treasure.

 Dee Hardwicke is an artist, designer and knitter whose work is inspired by her passion for colour and by her love of the British landscape. Dee's designs have been used in exclusive collaborations with partners including the National Trust and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Her previous knitting books include A Story in Yarn: How to Design and Knit an Intarsia Heirloom Quilt (Quail Publishing, 2016) and several titles with leading British yarn producers and designers Rowan. Each design begins life in her sketchbooks.


  • 192 pages

  • 20 colourwork knitting patterns (9 cushions, 3 wraps, 3 quilts, 2 sweaters, 1 vest, 1 hat, 1 pair of gloves)

  • Hardback

  • Language: English

  • Weight: Approx. 700 g / 1.6 lb 

  • 191 x 246 x 21 mm

  • ISBN: 978-952-7468-34-0

  • Printed in Latvia



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